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Scandinavian Cruisers

The idea behind the Scandinavian Cruisers boats is to recapture the essence of sailing, by going back in time one hundred years to a period when boats were considered truly beautiful, and sailing was a genteel, aspirational and romantic lifestyle.

Scandinavian Cruisers combines the style, beauty, high speed and superior maneuverability of classic Skerry Cruisers (Square Meter Yachts) with today’s busy modern lifestyle and the latest technologies.

The design of Scandinavian Cruisers is admired equally by experienced sailors and landlubbers, giving the owner true pride of ownership. Click here to read the story behind the name Scandinavian Cruisers.

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The Scandinavian Dory 18
Nis Peter Lorentzen in the SD18

A brand new boat combining beautiful classic clinker/lapstrake dory lines with the latest high performance sailing and rowing functionality.

The Scandinavian Dory 18 has been grown from the deepest roots of nautical tradition to the highest branches of modern materials and aeronautical engineering to bring you the most unique and useful small craft available on the market today.

This beautiful high-quality classic lapstrake/clinker boat will turn heads at the mooring, on the trailer, and when it overtakes much larger boats from the same yacht club – a real “wolf in sheep’s clothes”. The boat is co-designed by renowned naval architects Roger Long and Eric Sponberg.


Length:         17.5’ ( 5.35 m)
Width:           50" (1.3 m)
Weight:         187 lbs (85 kg)
Sail area:       110 sqf (10 sqm)
Capacity:       1-3 people

The Scandinavian Cruiser 20

The Scandinavian Cruiser 20 was first introduced to the global sailing community during the Dusseldorf Boat show in January 2010.

The Scandinavian Cruiser is a gentleman's daysailer that combines the 100 year Skerry Cruiser design with modern day building techniques and materials. For instance she features a free-standing, rotating wingmast to improve the airflow. The entire rig is made out of carbon and weighs less than 22 lbs. The rudder and lifting keel are also made out of carbon fiber and the entire boat weighs only 750 lbs. Half of this weight is in the lead bulb of the lifting keel.

The Scandinavian Cruiser 20 can easily be sailed single handed as she has a self tacking jib or in stronger winds two people could enjoy her racing performance by using the harness and walking out.

Nis Peter Lorentzen in the SC20- 

Our yachts feature:

- Ultra-light and strong E-glass, VE resin and Navicell core composite materials
- Rotating semi un-stayed tapered carbon fiber wingmast
- Large cockpit with pantry, bar and lounge seats (SC40 and SC66)
- Electric motor OZecoDrive (SC40) or Torqeedo (SC 20).
- Lifting carbon fiber keel with lead bulb
- Lifting carbon fiber rudder
- Furling jib and furling asymmetrical spinnaker
- Sunken sundeck
- Road trailerable (SC20 and SC40)
- Hydraulic main sheet (SC66)
- Bow thruster w/joystick (SC66)
- Tender garage (SC66)

      The Scandinavian Cruiser 40


The essence of sailing according to Scandinavian Cruisers:

- Stunningly beautiful design.
- High speed at all points of sail.
- Very easy steering and boat handling.
- Great boats for day-sailing and club racing for couples, family and friends.

Future yachts: 

- Scandinavian Cruiser 30
- Scandinavian Cruiser 40 - click here for more information.
- Scandinavian Cruiser 50
- Scandinavian Cruiser 66 - click here for more information.


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