• Posted on 17-03-2016 by Haye Kesteloo
    I have a SC20 demo boat for sale at a very good discount. It is the boat you see me (and Nis) sailing in many of the photos on our website. She comes with all the options and in the most desirable color scheme and the trailer is included ($1800 value). The new price was around $32,000. I am offering her for $22,000. The boat shows some signs of wear and tear but is in excellent shape.
    Posted on 13-03-2013 by Haye Kesteloo
    Last fall we were sailing in Larchmont, NY on a beautiful day. As you can see there was hardly any wind initially but after some searching, we found some wind coming from the opposite direction.
    Posted on 13-03-2013 by Haye Kesteloo
    Jibing in the Scandinavian Cruiser 20
    Posted on 13-03-2013 by Haye Kesteloo
    Cruising around in the SC20 keelboat
    Posted on 13-03-2013 by Haye Kesteloo
    New School SC20 meets Old School Classic New York 50
    Posted on 11-03-2013 by Haye Kesteloo
    Sailing the Scandinavian Cruiser 20 single-handed at the Beijing Olympic Rowing Stadium on a sunny autumn day in a light northerly breeze with a few good puffs of wind.
    Posted on 11-03-2013 by Haye Kesteloo
    The 20+ knots gusts of wind were sudden and from varying directions because of the land obstacles, so it was impossible to use the spinnaker and the trapeze. Instead it felt like riding a wild horse in the ring.
    Posted on 10-03-2013 by Haye Kesteloo
    During the many boatshows we have been to, we heard mostly two things. People with small boats dreaming about owning large yachts and people who own large yachts wishing they could return to the way sailing was taught to them...sailing small dinghies. Less hassle and more sailing pleasure. When we set out to launch the Scandinavian Cruisers line of boats we envisioned to: "Recapture the Essence of Sailing!".
    Posted on 01-03-2013 by Haye Kesteloo
    Nis Peter Lorentzen and Tim sailing the keelboat daysailer, The SC20 on the Long Island Sound at the Larchmont Yacht Club. Even though the Scandinavian Cruiser 20 is a very light and nimble boat, she is also a very stable boat because of the deep keel. 50% of the ballast is at the end of the keel, which makes the SC20 unlike any other dinghy you have ever sailed before.
    Posted on 29-01-2013 by Haye Kesteloo
    Here are some photos of Nis Peter Lorentzen reaching in the Scandinavian Cruiser 20 and in pursuit of the camera boat. As you can see in these photos, Nis is easily sailing the SC20 single-handedly and keeping up with us in the Boston Whaler. On that particular day we had about 8 to 10 knots of wind.
    Posted on 05-01-2013 by Haye Kesteloo
    There are a couple of things that make the Scandinavian Cruiser the ideal daysailer to sail single-handedly. Here are some of the key benefits. The SC20: - Is a very stable keel boat - Is light and easy to maneuver - Has a self tacking Jib - Has a furling Gennaker and a furling Jib
    Posted on 24-11-2012 by Haye Kesteloo
    Benefits of a daysailer with a free standing wingmast and a GNAV
    Posted on 01-11-2012 by Nis Peter Lorentzen
    Sailing has the advantage over many other sports that spectacular "equipment" can potentially add a lot to the public image and media attractiveness of the sport. If we go back to the pre-WWII years of the Olympics, the larger keelboats that were used were Skerry Cruisers/Square Meter Yachts and Meter Yachts. At that time these boats were the most advanced, fastest and beautiful yachts ever produced.
    Posted on 31-08-2012 by Haye Kesteloo
    See here some pictures and video footage of Nis Peter Lorentzen hiking without a harness on the Scandinavian Cruiser 20. All our cruisers come with a telescoping tiller and trapeze lines. Hiking out on a SC20 is not only a lot of fun but also helps to stabilize the boat and increases your speed.
    Posted on 31-08-2012 by Haye Kesteloo
    These are pictures from our test sailing session back in November 2010. You may have seen them already on Flickr but until recently we weren't able to share these images on this blog in an easy way. Over the next couple of days we will play catch up and start sharing all the images from the test session back in November of 2010. All the pictures were taken sailing in front of the Larchmont Yacht Club in NY.
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